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Baptist missionaries first came to Englehart in 1913. But then, in 1914, World War I came along and it made . Our Brother Orville Rumleski was guest in the pulpit once again.  His thoughts were on...​​

The word "leprosy" in the Bible covers a variety of diseases affecting the skin.  It was an ugliness that could be seen.  It was often painful.  It might be passed on to others.  A person who had such a disease was considered unclean.  Because of such uncleanness, a person was not allowed to worship Yahweh, or have any kind of fellowship with the people of God.

It was an instance of what many commentaries call "ritual" or "ceremonial" uncleanness.  It might, perhaps, better be called prophetic uncleanness, since the laws that were given to Israel all point to spiritual realities, that still hold today.  Physical weakness and sickness are not always the result of sin (John 9:2-3).  But these terms are used to illustrate moral weakness and sin (Isaiah 1:5-6), which truly makes fellowship with God and God's people impossible (Proverbs 29:8).

We are easily infected by the company we keep (Proverbs 22:24-25).  Brother Orville told us of his own experience, when at age 16 he rebelled against his religious parents, seeking to be a person of influence and significance.  The people he began to hang out with were indeed like brothers and sisters to him, but they led him down a path that would lead to destruction.  And just as leprosy eats away they body, so the leprosy of sin eats away mind, soul and spirit.  The conscience becomes insensitive (1 Timothy 4:2).

There is only one Healer who is able to restore us to wholeness and life, the Lord Jesus Christ.  His blood and His love is the medicine that cures sin.  Nothing else can.  But for the cure to succeed, we must give ourselves totally into His hands, and obey all His instructions.

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