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"Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out"  Numbers 32:23



Pat was out of work and found an ad in the paper that said, "Electrical Engineer needed."  So he went to the power company and delivered his resume.  After reviewing the resume, Don, the boss, was amazed that Pat would apply with no previous experience.  But the company very much to be in step with the times and therefore operated by strictly post-modern principles, insisting that a person without experience, and on must not discriminate.

Anyway, the power company also had a policy that you must take a ten-question written test before you can get hired.  but there was another guy there that day, Fred, who was also applying for the  job, and he was a certified Electrical Engineer.

So they both too the test and then returned to Don's office to hand in their test papers.  The boss received the papers and asked them to wait outside until he was done looking at them.  After about ten minutes, Don called them back in, and this is how it went:

Don:  "Thanks to both of you for applying for the position.  I have made my decision and it is to hire Fred."​​

Pat:  "What did Fred score on that test?"

Don:  "You both scored 9 out of 10.  You both missed only one question."

Pat:  "So why you gonna hire him then?"

Don:  "Because on question #7 Fred answered, "I don't know." and your answer to the same question was "Me neither."​​​​​​​

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